A marshy oasis deep in the Darién’s interior.

Unsurprisingly, the furthest reaches of The Road are gridlocked with trucks overladen with freshly cut trees.

A Scarlet Macaw showing off the true colors of the Darién.

An Emberá child covered in dye from local plants clammers up a traditional ladder.

An age-old Emberá village perched alongside a small Darién inlet.

A fire sparks high as they slash and burn deeper into the heart of the Darién.

An Emberá woman delicately weaves a ceremonial mask.

A lone Emberá traveling by the Darién’s original source of transportation: the dugout canoe.

Half a day’s work in the Darién.

A Harpy Eagle fans his majestic wingspan as he comes in for a landing.

David Smith and CAVU land in the heart of the jungle.

Bulldozers pause for repairs before continuing on through a thatch-roofed village.

Plant-dyed Emberá children performing a traditional tribal dance.

The dense jungle canopy seen from above.

Slash and burn plus clearcutting doesn’t make for a very renewable forest.

A jaguar lounges in the trees high atop his shrinking jungle kingdom.

An old tree finds an all-too abrupt end.